Pinon Pine Salve Travel Size

Pinon Pine Salve Travel Size

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Our Pinon Pine Salve is created with the resin from the Pinon trees in Arizona. Pinon is a warm and uplifting aroma and a familiar fragrance of the Southwest. The ingredients provide moisture to your skin. The Pinon resin properties are naturally antibacterial. It can be used topically to aid in healing psoriasis and other skin ailments. Rub it on your chest to relieve congestion. Use on mosquito bites, infected skin conditions, burns, splinters. The salve increases blood flow to a localized area and may be helpful for sore muscles and stiff joints. Great for hard working hands that need some extra love.

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I especially love the results it has on nails! Apply twice a day by gently massaging into nail and cuticle and watch the transformation from dry cracked brittle nails to strong and healthy.

It's a natural topical antiseptic that combats fungicidal and bacterial infections. It is used to help retain hoof moisture. It also aids in making the hoof elastic, flexible, and promotes the development of new hoof growth. Used as a hoof pack and dressing, it serves as excellent preventative hoof care. It is effective in the treatment of quarter cracks, split hooves, corns, and hard frogs.

Tree resins function as the immune system of the tree. They contain proven antimicrobials and protect the plant from the same pathogens we deal with: bacteria, fungus and viruses. This is what makes the salve so amazing.

This exquisite aroma is light, uplifting and stimulating. 

The resin is carefully harvested by yours truly, from the trees and refined down to bring you a luxurious skin care product. A very sticky, but worthwhile endeavor for the amazing results.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin olive oil, Piñon pine resin & bees wax.

Size: 2 oz.

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