Pinon Pine Calming Salve 4 oz.

Pinon Pine Calming Salve 4 oz.

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Pinon Pine Calming salve is an amazing moisturizer for all skin types. The smell of pine, lavender and chamomile is a calming way to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the gentle fragrance as you massage your skin. The pine resin is hand harvested by yours truly and blended into this unique healing salve.

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This salve is made from the resin of the Pinon pine trees native to Arizona. Tree resin functions as a vital part of a plant’s immune system: they contain proven antimicrobials, agents that kill or inhibit the growth of foreign invaders, protecting the plant from the same type of pathogens we humans deal with: bacteria, fungus and viruses. In addition to it’s medicinal benefits, pine salve is a hydrating moisturizer that releases a naturally robust, clean aroma. 

Health Benefits of Pinon Pine salve

While pine salve is antimicrobial, it also has many other useful medicinal purposes as a topical agent. It aids in healing many common skin ailments such as psoriasis, burns, splinters, mosquito bites, and infected skin. It can alleviate chest congestion, and it is also beneficial in nail and cuticle care. In addition, pine salve increases the blood flow to localized areas, which can be soothing to sore muscles and stiff joints.

Ingredients include: organic Shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, lavender and chamomile essential oil, Argan oil, pinon pine resin and organic bees wax.

Size 4 oz.