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Welcome to Jenny Joy's Soap! 

We offer a unique skin care line utilizing Mother Nature's best kept secret, Pinon Pine resin from Arizona.


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Pinon Pine Resin

One of nature's true marvels, pine resin is the definition of versatility. Use it in salves as a moisturiser. Add it to soap for an antiseptic hand wash. Create the perfect beard balm for sculpting, nourishment, and volume. Explore the possibilities!

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Learn how to use our resin in your DIY projects!

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Hear what people are saying about Jenny Joy's Soap

"My name is Annette, I'm 57 years old and I recently had 2 knee surgeries.  I started using Jenny Joy's Pinion Pine Salve on my incisions 2 months after surgery for 3 weeks now.  I can vouch that this salve (and its ingredients) has worked for me during my time of recovery, and I highly recommend it.  I bought it at the Sister's Gallery of Healing Arts in Kingman, AZ. "

— Annett W. from Kingman, AZ

"I love Jenny Joy's Soap products, as does my whole family.  There hasn't been a single product that I haven't loved.  They smell great, lather well, they're long lasting, and make wonderful gifts!  The natural ingredients are incredibly  refreshing, and the meticulous detail and care they're made with make them better than the store bought products any day!"

- Kayla V. from Dallas, TX

"I ordered recently this awesome product from Jenny Joy's Soap.  First I did research on, because for 2 years I have struggled with fungus on my legs and the ointment I get from my doctor doesn't help at all.  Jenny Joy's Soap showed up on the search and I ordered from her on Ebay.  She also sent me 4 samples which I really appreciated!!!!  I love everything about it.  When I had a question about how to blend it, she emailed me immediately.  I have used this great organic pinion pine for a week now and see the fungus is going away, especially the itchiness.  I will order again from her."

-Deborah London