"Trial and Error Leads to Success"

Recently Tricia Collins of Cornwall, CT sent me this email. It’s always fun to receive feedback from our customers and see what exciting things they create.

Tricia Collins of Cornwall, CT writes

My daughter who lives abroad was coming for a visit and very eager to make some wax wraps with me and her sister. (She had been in Miami with her husband and bought some wax wraps at a little shop. When she left she “did the math” on how much she had spent and turned around and returned them.) I tried several “trial and error attempts” before her arrival to get a wrap that sealed correctly. Finally decided it could not be made without the pine resin. I quickly bought your resin, just hoping it would arrive in time. It did! (Very speedy) Then I took a day off from work and the 3 of us (mostly me!) set about working with amounts. Each wrap was better than the last. My girls have both said that their wraps work fine, but I think since mine were made last, they were the best. My crowning example was when I sealed a key lime pie in a glass pie dish! Bowls, cheese, and even a cut butternut squash, they all stay sealed. I used rounds traced from dinner plates, and “fat quarters,” half price from Joann Fabric. I am very serious about using less plastic and these have already made a difference in my house. If I could only get my husband to work on his sealing “technique!”

Tricia, thanks for writing in! I love the fat quarters from Joann Fabrics. They’re just the right size for a loaf of bread or large head of lettuce. Be sure to check out the latest updates from the lettuce blog post. If you have comments about our Pinon pine products you’d like to share, please send us an email, we’d love to hear from you.