The Freedom to be Joyful...

My son and husband have really high maintenance skin-acne and serious skin rash from working on the fire department. Not fun! For years I tried to find skin care products that would help. BUT NOTHING WORKED. I felt so helpless - nothing would alleviate their pain. I was overwhelmed by the amount of research it took to find a decent product, but even the best seemed to fall quite short. Finally, like any mother knows will happen, I decided to take the health of my family into my own hands.

At first, I barely knew where to start. I read blog after blog. Months of trying gnawed at my resolve, but I couldn’t give up on them. Finally, a breakthrough came! Nature was holding on to a secret remedy nearly forgotten by much of the busy world: pine resin. It locked in moisture, calmed inflammation, even brought a warm glow to the skin – this stuff did everything! It was almost too good to be true, but the results couldn’t lie. My entire family suddenly found breakthrough in conditions they had struggled with for years! As more of my family and friends came to love the inventions I had crafted, I realized that maybe I should share these gems with other people. Maybe other moms were experiencing the same feelings of uncertainty and helplessness I had felt. So, I got busy working on ways to bring my creations to other people. At first it was just local, but my business eventually grew to have an expanding online presence- I even got some of my products listed on Amazon! 

So here I am today, with the mission of helping others find freedom. My family suffered from a lot of pain and embarrassment, but not anymore. You can be free too. No more cracked skin, no more rough hands, no more irritation - just freedom. Freedom to live a life of joy ☺